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The characteristics of Gîte Le Lys Bleu

  • 2 suites with double bed and single bed for 2-3 persons with private bathroom 2 bedrooms with double bed 2 additional bathrooms with shower / bathtub Up to 9 persons Living room Kitchen Dining room Wood stove, fireplace and central heating View terrace on the 1 floor with view to the west Protected romantic courtyard with large gazebo and seating for 9-10 people 450m² ornamental and kitchen garden

Rooms The double rooms

The "Chambre Romantique" (room 2)

The "Chambre Romantique" (room 2) is also located on the main floor of the villa and offers accommodation for up to two people. The absolutely quiet "Chambre Romantique" is located at the back of the villa and allows a view of the beautifully planted courtyard, as well as the roofs of the old Limbourg.

The furnishings are in country house style.


The Mezzanine

In combination with the "Chambre Lys Bleu" and the "Chambre Romantique", a mezzanine can be used in particular as an extended living space for the guests of the Chambres, which also offers the guests in the Chambres an enormously generous amount of space, so that the room comfort comparable to a suite is also available to you.

It offers an ideal opportunity to be together either alone or in a group over a coffee or a glass of wine. The versatile seating furniture allows for casual seating on leather poufs in addition to half-height seating at the bistro table with an open teak structure. In a comfortable deck chair can be dreaming towards the sunset. The glass desk by the Japanese designer Lam Lee, who has won several international awards, is an invitation to a reflected, mentally creative workout. The mezzanine captivates with its original half-timbering, which has been stylistically incorporated into the furnishings. In a special way, the mezzanine is suitable to enjoy the tranquility of the house and the surroundings.

This additional lounge, which can be used by all guests, is spacious and interestingly elevated and offers the possibility to talk to each other in a pleasant atmosphere of space, watch TV, play games with children or just read a book. It serves as a second lounge area next to the lower floor, so it is also effortless to create separate social activities in the house.

The mezzanine offers a view of the beautifully landscaped courtyard via a viewing terrace, which is also suitable for sitting, or a magnificent sweeping view over part of Limbourg and the Walloon and Pays de Herve countryside beyond. A glass of wine for two or three towards the west and the evening sun will be an unforgettable moment.

The "Chambre Lys bleu" (room 3)

The "Chambre Lys bleu" (room 3) is also located on the Beletage. It offers accommodation for two people. This double room is also absolutely quietly located at the back of the villa. From here you can enjoy an equally romantic view of the magnificent courtyard as well as the roofs of the old Limbourg.

In addition to the slatted wardrobes, an internally lit closet provides guests with ample wardrobe space.

The bathroom, adjacent to the two chambres, is shared by the guests of the chambres. Small but elegant, it offers the necessary comfort with the shower-bathtub, sink and toilet.

Rooms Cooking & Living

The entrance hall

From the historic Place St. Georges, which because of its special location and beauty may feel protected in a special way by the Belgian Monument Protection, you enter at number 54 one of the most beautiful properties on Place St. Georges. When you cross the portal, a high entrance hall surrounded by stucco arches opens up. The old bluestone slabs, reflecting centuries, laid in a chess pattern, lead through the entrance hall to the courtyard garden. To the left of the entrance hall stands an antique, yet functional, beautiful poêles (tiled stove), restored by the renowned and talented François Didier-Claudel. The twin sister of this unique poêles is located in the French Embassy in New York City (USA).

Opposite, an imposing splendor mirror allows a view of one's own person, if necessary, along with the family next to it. At the same time, the mirror image already opens a view through the facetted sliding door of the living room into the dining room. Conversely, from the dining table, one can already see who is entering the villa in the large mirror of the entrance hall. The entrance hall is illuminated by a stylish twelve-branch art-deco lamp. Next to it, a unique, original Art Deco flood lamp casts its delicate light into the entrance hall through a glass cut in butterfly ornaments.

The wooden circular staircase announces the French flair and romantic-pittoresque architecture that permeates the entire villa.

The living room

A living room facing Place St. Georges is graced by an open marble fireplace. In front of this fireplace, a white-leather seating landscape offers pleasant seating comfort. A glass table combination by internationally renowned designer Peter Ghyczy fascinates the eye while sitting comfortably by the black and white decorated marble fireplace in this highly elegant living. Peter Ghyczy belongs to the ranks of designers who, along with Henry van de Velde, Marcel Breuer, Hans Gugelot and Peter Maly, have had a significant influence on German design. High-quality raw silk curtains give the Living Room a lush, luxurious texture. The parquet flooring in its classic oak look and the splendor chandelier on the high stucco ceiling relax the typical feeling of a country villa room. The dimmable equipment of the state chandelier allows lighting in the spectrum of bright-clear room illumination up to the cozy background lighting with fireplace.

A special detail is the original Parisian Art Deco lamp, which corresponds to the Art Deco painting of a romantically imposing lady observing the sphere of the gîte.

The living room is accessible through the facet glass sliding door from the dining room. Another access to the living room is possible directly from the reception hall of the villa via a three-panel facet glass door opening the premises to the entrance hall transparently, discreetly.

A high-quality LCD television in large format in combination with a sound system from Bose creates a great cinema feeling.

The dining room

The dining room, with its large oval, very well-lit table and its pleasant wooden feel and stylish, light leather chairs for 10 people, invites sociable gatherings at meals or even in between.

For this purpose, the openness of the dining room to the kitchen and the courtyard offers a generous feeling of space, which is further enhanced by the possible extension of the dining room to the living room. The dining room and living room can be separated by a sliding door with coffered windows as required, so that private routines can also be arranged independently in both rooms.

From the dining room, a small guest toilet is also accessible via a hallway. This guest toilet impresses with its Art Nouveau furnishings with a distinctive French flair.

The kitchen

The kitchen of the house leaves nothing to be desired. Comfortable kitchen appliances, a high-quality, luxurious kitchen equipment with sufficient refrigerator space and further storage cabinets invites to self-sufficiency with regional products available in the area, for example from the market in Verviers. The best kitchen utensils in the form of high-quality pots and pans encourage the cooking gourmet to provide for friends and family. While doing so, the creative kitchen worker enjoys the inspiring view of the romantic inner courtyard. Fresh herbs, vegetables and other fruits of the garden can be harvested during the season in the in-house garden by guests who like it.
Those who want to enjoy breakfast on the in-house, covered, wind-protected, from the outside not visible, flowery interior terrace, can enter directly from the kitchen the interior terrace of the cottage. This breakfast terrace and the courtyard adjacent to it are directly accessible through three doors from the villa.

The kitchen has direct access to the dining room (Salle a manger, Diningroom).

The exterior Terrace, courtyard & garden

The terrace and courtyard

Particularly appealing is the courtyard accessible through three glass doors. A glass roof allows, directly at the house if necessary also rain-protected the enjoyment of the variously planted inner courtyard. Here, in addition to a variety of roses, even red and white Mediterranean camellias thrive in late spring, which due to the sheltered location of the courtyard even survive the winter in the Ardennes. At the back of the courtyard, a glass table provides ample seating for 10 people. There, too, you can sit sheltered from the wind and enjoy the natural stone walls, typical of the region, that border the courtyard and are covered with climbing roses. A pavilion with bronze-colored transparent glass shields from direct sunlight or raindrops, so that breakfast can be enjoyed in peace throughout the morning. The pavilion also offers the pleasant atmosphere of sitting outside in the evening. The entire cobblestone courtyard is illuminated by discreet wall lights in the evening hours.

In addition, a rear door on the courtyard leads to the Ruelle Sur Les Remparts. There, in the evening hours, neighbors meet for a little chat, possibly with a glass of wine in hand, to exchange the news of the day. Due to the special character of the Ruelle Sur Les Remparts, which reminds many visitors of the French region of Aix en Provence, the back courtyard door is called "La Porte Aix en Provence".

The breakfast terrace

The Place St. Georges is the social and central meeting place of all Limbourgois. Traditionally, the citizens of Limbourg sit in front of their houses during the warm summer months. For generations, families have lived together around this unique square. Its Weser pebbles give it the bright colors. Not a single house in Place St. Georges is less than 100 years old, some are even several hundred years old. For example, the Ambassade du Pays de Rode was built as early as 1572. So it is a special social experience to have breakfast on the breakfast terrace of the Gîte Le Lys Bleu. Shortly after nine o'clock, the morning sun beams over the roof ridges of the houses opposite and warms the breakfast terrace until noon. Situated at the top of the Place St. Georges, the entire square can be seen from there, which at the end merges into the old city walls of the historic fortress.

The garden

Ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis bietet der 450qm große Obst- und Gemüsegarten des Gîte Le Lys Bleu. Dort kann der Gast auf den Ruheliegen unter den Apfelblüten träumend und dem stündlichen Glockenschlag lauschend auf den entfernten Turm der Eglise Saint Georges schauen. Der Garten ist ganztägig sonnenbeschienen.

Er bietet jede Art von Gartenfreuden. Im Gemüsegarten reihen sich Zucchinipflanzen neben den Auberginen. Rote und weiße Kohlrabi zeigen ihre wohlschmeckenden Knollen neben Radieschen und scharfen Rettichen. Schlangengurken und Lauch wachsen vergnügt nebeneinander. Hier darf sich der küchenerfahrene Gast am hauseigenen bio-reinen Gemüse bedienen.

Neben dem Gemüsegarten beherbergt ein Hühnerstall unsere hauseigenen, legefreudigen, italienisch, temperamentvollen Padovaner-Hühner. Auch hier darf sich der Gast nach Bedarf an den gesunden, legewarmen Eiern bedienen.

Ein schmuckes Gewächshaus bietet verschiedenen Tomatensorten und Kräutergewächsen ideale Wachstumsbedingungen.

Wer sich an den Früchten des Gartens laben möchte, findet schmackhafte Johannisbeeren: rot, rosé und schwarz. Verschiedene Apfelsorten beginnen im Spätsommer zu leuchten und warten auf die pflückende Hand des Gastes. Quitten, Pflaumen und Himbeeren möchten ebenfalls nicht vergessen werden in diesem kleinen Paradies.

Ganzjährig zieren verschiedene, hochkletternde Rosen die Gartenränder.

Wer den ganzen Garten Richtung Westen durchquert, dabei schon die ein oder andere Frucht genossen hat, gelangt über eine kleine Treppe durch einen Rosenbogen hindurch auf eine einzigartige Aussichtsterrasse. Dort steht eine alte Holzbank, die dem Sonnenuntergang im Westen zugewendet ist. Im Rücken der Holzbank ranken Weinreben mit wohlschmeckenden Trauben. Sie umschließen den Terrassenrand. Spätestens hier findet der Gast am Abend die tiefe Erfüllung seiner Sehnsucht nach Romantik. Kehrt er nach dem Sonnenuntergang zurück ins Haus, kann er vom deutlich höher gelegenen Balkon des Mezzanins dem Abendrot noch etwas länger nachsehen.

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