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Quatre épis

Gîte citadin - quatre épis

Enjoy an unforgettable and relaxing but varied weekend or even a week in the heart of the Ville historique Limbourg.

Our Gîte citadin, awarded four "Épis" by the Walloon Tourist Board, offers the highest comfort and conviviality on three floors for families or among friends.

What is Gîte de Caractère Le Lys Bleu

"Le Lys Bleu" - Gîte de Caractère is a very special vacation home in the center of the historic old town of the large commune of Limbourg.

The entire house is offered as a vacation home with the possibility of accommodating a total of nine people. The living rooms and bedrooms of the vacation home are absolutely quiet and are spacious and comfortable. In addition to the romantic, beautifully planted courtyard with breakfast terrace, the vacation home also includes a large garden where vacation guests can spend time. Sun loungers are available. This also includes a panoramic terrace with phenomenal views over Wallonia, allowing guests to drink a glass of wine in silence as the sun sets in the west.

Guest house of the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg

The cottage "Le Lys Bleu" also functions as a guest house of the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg.

"The Blue Lily" The concept

The Blue Lily

The cottage "The Blue Lily" is thematically oriented to the romanticism. These themes of romanticism and especially the symbol of the blue flower are: The connection between man and nature, man on the move and man's longing for the unattainable and infinite.
In this respect, in the design of the premises in terms of interior, attention was paid to the special character of the romantic, but also classically oriented style. The location of the gîte in the center of the Ville historique de Limbourg on Place Saint Georges also marks its special character. As a guest house of the Ambassade, it not only reflects the historical importance of Limbourg as the former capital of the duchy. Also the embedding in the nature of the Ardennes, the High Fens and especially the Duchy Forest shows the connection of the guesthouse with the theme of romance. Man on the move.
The vacation destination "Le Lys Bleu" - Gîte de Caractère thus offers, in addition to the enjoyment of the house as such, a central starting point for manifold undertakings in the vacation region Wallonia.


Style, comfort and flexibility Our objective

Comfortable living units

The cottage "Le Lys Bleu" - Gîte de Caractère has several high quality furnished accommodation units. Two suites offer sleeping accommodation for 2-3 people each. Each suite has a bathroom with shower and toilet. Two other rooms can accommodate 2 persons each. For both rooms there is another bathroom with shower tub and toilet directly adjacent to the room. A ninth person in each case can be accommodated in another room of a suite.


Tasteful and high quality interior

On the first floor, facing the courtyard, is centrally located the kitchen, which offers everything with comfortable kitchen appliances and exclusive furnishings to provide themselves with regard to cooking. It is directly connected to the dining room, which offers a large oval table for up to 10 guests a communicative opportunity to share a meal together. The living room, which in turn is adjacent to this, allows for shared hours around an open fireplace in an absolutely highly elegant and tasteful atmosphere.

Luxurious, stylish The ambience

  • The vacation home thus offers families, groups of friends, small travel and hiking groups and groups of culture enthusiasts an ideal vacation option with very flexible living options in terms of accommodation in the comfortable suites and beautifully designed bedrooms. During the day, guests enjoy spacious indoor and outdoor lounging areas of the cottage.


  • The vacation home "Le Lys Bleu" - Gîte de Caractère also offers sufficient private parking space - up to 9 parking spaces - so that vacation guests can park safely adjacent to the vacation home even with several vehicles.